By now you all know that magic can be a very powerful tool.  In esoteric terms, magic can literally be referred to as a double barrel shotgun or rifle.  If you know how to use the gun properly, you will be able to effectively do many things including protect yourself, take an offensive, or keep the peace.  Magic is kind of the same way.  If you know how to use magic, then you will flourish.  If you aren't sure then it could end up blowing up in your face, potentially with devastating results. 

To begin with, it is always important to listen to your inner thoughts and intuitions.  For example, many times people do things despite that "little voice" that tells them not to do it-- like when you see rainclouds but you neglect to bring your umbrella because the forecast on television said it isn't supposed to rain.  You ignored your intuition, so when it starts pouring on you, you are going to suffer the consequences. 

If something does not feel right in a ceremony or ritual it is important that you DO NOT go through with it.  You can abandon the ritual or start it over.  You can perform a different type of magic or a different ritual.  Whatever you do, DO NOT proceed.  Too many fledgling magicians and witches neglect to listen to their inner selves and intuition because they are excited to progress and develop their magic.   They suffer consequences for it, too; sometimes they are dire.  I knew a girl once who was doing a beautification spell and didn't listen to her intuition.  She wanted to beautiful for the prom.  She didn't listen to her intuition.  As it turns out, she had something set up conversely to the way it should have been.  It gave her severe acne for six months.  As hard as she tried, and I'm talking about Proactive and other professional grade medication, she couldn't rid herself of the acne.  Needless to say, her prom pictures were horrible. 

This item is a piece that I obtained from a customer of ours who is a witch.  It is a Ceremonial Protection item.  It will heighten your intuition allowing you to listen to not only yourself, but your surroundings in nature and in your environment to accurately gauge the status of a situation.  You will be able to know whether it is okay or not okay to proceed.  This piece is actually a good piece to have regardless of your progression or advancement.  Even the best of us are in a hurry and sometimes forget to stop and listen to ourselves.  The mind is a powerful tool.  Use it!!  Alas, we are all human-- well, most of us are human-- and it's very possible that we make mistakes.  That's why this piece also contains a white light shield, so that way if your spell should go sour, it won't have an adverse effects on you.  It will also shield you from spells, omens, etc that have been cast at you by others! 

The piece was made using extreme white light power of the Earth Mother, who controls all environments and has jurisdiction over all powers and energies.  As you can imagine, this a hugely successful piece and its power of deflection and protection are EXTREME and effective! 


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