These are amazing. These are extremely nice scented candles that do divination. This is a very old form of divination called Ceromancy. You can use this over and over again until your candle runs out. You take a glass of cold water to allow the hot wax to drip into. This will create images and pictures that foretell your future. Each single candle ( you only get one) comes with a sterling silver ring that you may wear on your finger or on a chain. The ring channels the energy of a spirit or creature that is friendly but mostly powerful in the magic of MACUMBA. If you don't know what this is then your not ready for it,don't buy it. This is a little like voodoo and you will be dealing with various Orishas. This is considered dual magic as these can do both. THERE IS NO BUILT IN PROTECTION WITH THIS ITEM BECAUSE YOU CAN'T ADD IT IN. THIS IS POWERFUL AND SO ONLY BUY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING AND HOW TO HANDLE ORISHAS. The candle activates the spirit and being and also gives you a glimpse of the future. DO NOT GIVE AS GIFT UNLESS YOU KNOW THE PERSON WELL AND THEY ARE SKILLED.
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