These are amazing. These are extremely nice scented candles that do divination. This is a very old form of divination called Ceromancy. You can use this over and over again until your candle runs out. You take a glass of cold water to allow the hot wax to drip into. This will create images and pictures that foretell your future. Each single candle ( you only get one) comes with a sterling silver ring that you may wear on your finger or on a chain. The ring channels the energy of a spirit or creature that is friendly but mostly powerful in gaining you magic,ability and understanding of ancient power and people. The candle activates the spirit and being and also gives you a glimpse of the future. These make a WONDERFUL and great smelling gift. The scents on these are Dragons blood, nag champa,ylang ylang and patchouli. These smell so nice. The connections you can make with these seem to be mostly Lemurian but others have come through too.
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