Know what we’re thinking? Then you too might be experiencing the phenomenon of extrasensory perception, or “psi” as it is called in the academic world today.

The catch-all term covers any forms of cognition outside what is regarded as the norm including telepathy, psychokinesis, precognition, clairvoyance and out-of-body, and near-death, experiences.

Researches have conducted rigorous experiments such as a remarkable instance of telepathy using Ganzfeld tests. Participants viewed iconographic images and “sent” the image to other participants at a remote location using only their minds. Laws of chance suggested the images would be “received” correctly 25% of the time. Instead, it was found that the subject was correct about 34% of the time. Visual artists scored higher (about 50% correct) and musicians hit upwards of 75%, suggesting a connection to creativity.

Why is this a big deal — after all, we can just send an image in an email, right? Psi suggests a few tantalizing possibilities:

  • The capacity of the human mind has been vastly underestimated.
  • The philosophical split between body and mind may be spurious.
  • Paranormal phenomenon that have been unable to be understood by other means may soon have an explanation.                                       

There is observable evidence of psychic effect on random number generators reported by Princeton University’s Engineering Anomalies Research lab, for example. These folks study the effect of the “global consciousness” on random number generators. Astoundingly, they’ve found that when millions of people share the same intentions and emotions, there is a correlated effect on the generators. That’s right, call all your monks, stoners, and hippie buddies and start the consciousness raising now.

The energies of transitioning other peoples minds with your thoughts and being able to pull forward their thoughts so you understand the concepts of what they think, and do, is amazing! The indications of imperial advancements will be yours and this will truly change your life!

Do not worry about trying to get 25% correction in "thinking" you know what others think, with the power of this ring you will be 100% certain of what others mindsets are and you can use this for your advancement in prospering your life~!

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