Chaneque, which are also referred to as Ohuican Chaneque by the Aztecs, are creatures that are sinister by their very nature.  They are small, sprite like beings who loathe humanity for what it is worth.  They are elemental forces and the guardians of nature.  I'm guessing their hatred for humanity has something to do with the fact that humans are always find new ways to destroy to environment.  I guess the fact that they are born in the Underworld doesn't really help, either.  Either way, they are renowned for hiding in dark places and jumping out at unwary passersby.  They then steal the soul of the person they have jumped out at.  If the person doesn't do a ritual within the next few days to recapture their soul, they will then get sick and die. 

We used the Chanque in the making of this power, even though the piece will not eat people's souls on your behalf.  Rather, this piece keeps its predatory nature in that it will allow you to seek out and identify whomever around you has some type of magical power.  After this piece has allowed you to identify the person of interest, it will then enter the soul of that person.  It will suck out and deliver any and all traces of supernatural power and ability from the person's soul.  It will deliver these powers and abilities to you, his master.  Using this ability you can hunt out and choose whatever power and/or ability you wish to exhibit.  Using this piece you simply have to identify which soul it is that you want to suck the power out of.  The Chaneque spirit will do the rest.  What you are left with is the raw power and pure form of the ability it is that you want.  No souls will be harmed in the using of this piece, by the way, because the souls aren't affected, they are only drained of their power. 

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