CHARMED CHARMS MAGNIFIED,of love,soul,sex,orgasm

For those of you that have one of the charmed charm bracelets these are great to add to them. If you don't have one it doesn't matter because the charms are so active themselves you can use a regular bracelet.

I do have another bracelet going on that you can use a ritual with that places the energy into your own make up,DNA and Aura. That will go on later and these can all be used with it. In doing so you magnify everything.

Forget charging box,you are the box using something like this and they all have their own little magics to them.

This one is a sterling silver charm of sexual desire and love.It does anything having to do with men and women,relationships,sex,love,attraction,soul ,mating.
CHARMED CHARMS MAGNIFIED,of love,soul,sex,orgasm
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