This piece was given to Haunted Curiosities by an unknown source. However its powers are quite known. This piece is very powerful and we have yet to harness its full power. What we do understand about the piece is its ability to grant the wearer their hopes and dreams with extended wearing. Simply wear the piece every day for a month; two months if your wants are urgent. Every time you put the piece on you must think about what it is you wish to happen, or what you wish to acquire. Then, in your mind, repeat the words, "Stars in the sky, Earth underneath, Ocean's of water, Air everywhere." After your month or two of using this piece, observe as all your desires start to make appearances! <br /><br />

Your wishes may take some time to make their presence known, but don't worry as your wants and desires will come to you, just have faith in the piece, and if you feel its necessary just repeat the ritual explained earlier. This piece's powers are hard to believe, and its quite strange as it holds some wish making power only seen when djinns are involved. Please be warned, this piece cannot be used to bring harm to others or for evil intent. Make your wishes a reality with the Wish Master's Charm.

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