SPIRITS OF STRENGTH The energies of spirits are strong -- they are fortified in the world to ensure the assets of their abilities are able to escape and be used again by a living entity. As a child we normally all can see spirits, but if you tried to stop seeing, or didn't want to believe the fact that what you saw as a child was true... then they could have dismissed your gift. Many times people feel that they are odd, or different and do not know who to talk with about what they are seeing and experiencing.... so instead they try to listen to friends who tell them they are just seeing things... or that ghosts are not real. The jeopardy that imparts its chaos upon the world is the focus of many studies to enlighten and invoke pieces through the spirit realm. This is a great piece that will allow your mind to be at ease with the sensation of having spirits near you. The indication and variety of the energies in this item will merge with your body to enrich you with the blessings of ease of mind, knowing you will not be harmed... and allowing you to be open to visits with white light spirits. This piece opens up endless possibilities to invoke connections with spirits who are looking to invade a human to remit their positive energies that have passed on with them. It is like having unfinished business that you want to finalize -- you being the bearer of the blessing with the sensation of this spirit pulling piece!, This piece, which holds tiny white light orbs on spiritual webs all linked together to form a bracelet, will also bring forth 100% white light psychic ability and function. It will allow your third eye to pop, letting you recognize and communicate with all forms for spirits!
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