There are many religious artifacts that are sought out from across the millenia.  Some are for this reason or that; however the most elusive and mysterious religious artifact that remains unquestionably elusive is the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant.  You might have thought I was going to say Holy Grail, but picture it like this. The Holy Grail is a very elusive artifact indeed, but the powers of the Grail Stem from the powers and splendid glory of God, both of which has been stored up in the Ark of the Covenant.  So then, which is greater the creator or the created... the one that has been elusive for just over 2000 years or the one that has been elusive since just about the beginning of time?  I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but you people are smart, so I think you'll get it. 

The Ark of the Covenant, which is also known as the Ark of the Testimony, is a structure whose dimensions were given directly to Mose from God during his ascension on Mount Sinai.  God spoke to Moses giving him precise instructions on how to go about building the Ark.  The Ark was to be build to code, as to allow the pure, spiritual alchemy of God to flow through it directly and be shelled out to the people of Israel-- his chosen ones.  The only stipulation?  The majestic powers of God that were placed into the Ark of the Covenant were so powerful that whomever looked upon the Ark died immediately. It wasn't anything person, it's just how it had to be, because the human mind isn't capable of comprehending and receiving such an abundant, pure, holy power without some sort of manipulation.  The powers of God that are placed in the Ark are so powerful that the rare, RARE ability to be able to see into the Ark of the Covenant are reserved ONLY for those instances where God has approved such an opportunity. 

The possibility of looking into the Ark of the Covenant is an extremely exciting prospect, except for the element of death.  To assure that the splendor that has been fortified into the Ark remains undaunted and supremely holy, the Ark has been given the power of two Oracle Angels.  These two angels have been given the touch of the Fire of God and will turn whomever sees into the Ark of the covenant into ash... immediately.  It doesn't matter if it was an accident, it doesn't matter if there was a reason.  The fact is, they were given strict instructions by God and he is the commander of creation.  They do as their told.  They also happen to be the two angels from in between whom God appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai when giving the original instructions. 

As for the content of the Ark?  It contains the original stone tablets upon which Moses wrote the Ten Commandments.  These were an indoctrination of the Holy Code of God and if you gain enough intelligence to be able to see past them into the secret messages that are contained, you will be able to open up divine DNA Code.  There is also a stockpile of Eternal Manna.  Not just Manna from Heave, which the Jews were given by God during their forty years in the desert.  This is the same Manna that is the bread from the Last Supper.  It is the Body of Christ. It is the full on embodiment of divine code and immortal deification. Consuming this manna gives somebody a Heavenly transformation, during which they no longer exist mere as a mortal with a soul.  They exist as an angel incarnate, claiming all the powers of the highest classes of angels as a manifested mortal being on Earth.  The original Torah is in the Ark.  This is the proven knowledge of God.  It has stood the test of time... it the knowledge of all things that ever were and all things that are yet to come.  It is divine truth and omniscience.  It is the power to know all things and to open up a third, heavenly eye to be able to bio-synthesize these materials into energy that will help the person live above all forms of existence, by the right hand of God.  Lastly, it contains the Staff of Aaron.  This is symbolic of the Alchemy of God.  I'm not just talking turning some metal into Gold.  I mean, not to downplay that ability, because it mortal form that would be great!!  However, I want you to think in more spiritual terms.  The Soul Alchemy of God will give you a spiritual metamorphosis that will transform form you from your current caterpillar state, into a beautiful, spiritual butterfly.  By this I mean, you will gain the spirituality to break the life cycles.  You Incarnation and Reincarnation periods will be broke and all of your prior forms of existence-- your lives, spirit forms, energy forms, angelic forms, whatever forms-- will come full circle and you will gain the knowledge of your complete inner existence, not merely the ignorant, mortal existence of your current cycle.

Let's not forget that these powers aren't readily accessible to the average person.  In fact, you'd have to be well ABOVE average to even consider cracking the codes to these powers.  This is in addition to the heavy flow of God's eternal existence that has also been placed into the Ark, as we have discussed above.  The Ark of the Covenant is the heartbeat of the Israeli nation-- those people who have been called to be God's chosen people.  Thus, it is also the heartbeat of the Cherubims Keys to the Ark of the Covenant

chose ones of God.  It emanates and pulses power and magic through the blood streams of those who are able access the spiritual blood flow of the most powerful entity in all of existence.  It has produces such miracles as parting the Jordan River for the Israeli host to walk by on dry ground. It brought the indestructible walls of Jerusalem crashing to the ground.  The powers in the Ark are completely and amazing unlimited and unreserved! Herein lies the problem:  these powers are, generally speaking, of a forbidden nature and the consequence of knowing these powers is sudden death. 

We have an exclusive... and I mean EXCLUSIVE opportunity available for two of our luckiest customers to date.  We have Two Keys to the Ark of the Covenant.  They contain an inner, duplicate copy of the two spiritual keys that were give to the cherubim that were given the task to guard the Ark of the Covenant at all costs.  These keys will give you the power to unlock the Ark of the Covenant, to not only peer into the greatest wealth of power in all of history, but to obtain these powers and keep them for your own.  You will be 100% totally protected from any type of consequence, as these keys are exclusive all-access tickets to access the extreme power of the Ark of the Covenant.  The two cherubim that guard the Ark will act as your Oracle Intercessors, as they did for Moses.  They will open up the unlimited power supply and potential that lies beyond the barrier of the Ark of the Covenant.  You will gain complete and total jurisdiction over the powers that lie within and they will become one with your own body as you are placed in sync with the heartbeat of God and his spiritual blood flow! This is extremely exciting opportunity and a once in a lifetime-- scratch that a once in an existence-- chance that you do NOT want to pass up.  Trust me.  We've tested these pieces and I will tell you that the experience to actually enter into the Ark of the Covenant and being synchronized with God's own "heart beat" is the most awe-inspiring things I've ever experienced.  It is certainly a rare opportunity that we are now passing on to you! 


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