I know that it's true that everyone loves wealth.  Well, I should say most love wealth.  There are those, such as myself, who are perfectly content just having enough to live comfortably.  However, I think that it would be the general consensus that people love to live filthy rich lifestyles.  They love glamor and fame; and money can pretty much buy you whatever you want.  At what cost does this wealth come, though.  For one Mademoiselle Blanche Monnier, the cost far outweighed what wealth could have ever been worth.  It wasn't that she was the one that even desired wealth.  Rather, it was her mother who was the one who desired all the wealth.  It seems like it wasn't a fair exchange for poor Blanche, to have her soul sold to the devil at such a young age. 

In fact, it's not even so much that her soul was sold to the devil as much as it was she was the offspring of Satan.  Blanche was born into the uppercrust of society.  Her father was a successful businessman and her family was of the Aristocratic Poitiers family who were well esteemed and revered in the area.  However, this esteem and wealth came with a price.  It was a price that was paid to sinister forces who helped the family maintain there wealth.  While on the outside the family earned such awards as the Committee of Good Works Award, behind closed doors they sold their souls for the wealth to maintain their family's image. 

Right after the orgies of the Black Sabbath, Louise Monnier realized she was pregnant.  Their festivities were done in conjunction with many in the aristocratic upper crust community.  In a grand spectacle that would remind you of the movie Eyes Wide Shut, the dark community would mask themselves and reach within themselves to find their animal instincts.  They would then drink a ton of wine, which they claimed was he blood of the innocent.  They would sacrifice their bodies to Satan for the night, who would inhabit the bodies of the men.  Then the women would get naked and they'd have massive orgies.  In the morning, nobody would really remember what happened, because the wine-- or the blood of the innocents-- was usually spike with multiple different types of drugs.  At first Louise was ecstatic that she was pregnant.  I guess even Satanic people still have emotions.  However, her pregnancy was littered with difficulties and during childbirth she nearly died. 

Blanche was born with eyes as dark aS midnight.  They eventually changed to adapt to her surroundings.  It didn't take long for the entire family to realize that Blanche wasn't a normal mortal child.  I mean, simply speaking to her could pretty much indicate that.  When she didn't get her way, dishes would fly off of shelves.  One time she accidentally even started her house on fire.  While she was a young teen, Blanche also realized that she wasn't normal.  At the ages of 12 and 13, she'd tell her mother that the devil would frequent their home, sitting at the edge of her bed, and telling her that it was only a matter of time.  She had grown into a fine young virgin, he'd tell her.  It was almost time for her soul to be mine.  Blanche's family was terrified, but they had no idea what to do.  When you live a Satanic lifestyle in exchange for wealth (or anything for that matter) you pretty much have to do whatever Satan instructs you you to do.  They didn't want to deal with Blanche, but at the same time Satan commanded them to take care of her and to prepare her as a sacrifice to be offered on the eve of her 18th birthday.  It didn't take Blanche long to figure out what was wrong and she sought help from a local parish in releasing her demons.

At the young age of 16, Blanche took responsibility for her own life.  She sought out the help of a local Catholic priest.  The reports were kept secret for fear of retribution of the local families who pretty much ran things and were all in on the Satanic worship.  The Priest tried to perform exorcisms on her, but they didn't work.  He called in the help of a local Bishop who brought an item that was made with the Blood of Christ from Lance of Longinus, aka the Spear of Destiny.  He instilled her with the White light of Christ.  The curse was effectively removed, but what remained was a very spectral young woman who exhibited an array of magical powers that were dual in nature.  She could use both the magic from Heaven or the magic of hell.  She could float into the realm of the Heavens or sink into the pits of Hell.  She could summon angels or curse with demons.  She became so powerful that her family became terrified of her. 

For years, the family lived with this Blanche.  Blanche pretty much got whatever she wanted, because if not, there was hell to pay.  If they appeased her there were blessings to go around.  I guess that's what they get, given their history.  However, at the age of 25, the family conspired and hit Blanche with a memory spell that made her forget everything that she had ever been through.  Blanche disappeared and was never heard of again, until 25 years later when authorities got a letter reporting that the girl was locked in a room in the house.  When Blanche was found she was amidst moldy scraps of food and her own excrement, in a blanket that was filthy.  It turns out when they cast the memory spell on Blanche, they also locked her in this room, to keep her away from her outside surroundings and anything that would help her remember.  Blanche was taken to a local hospital after her discovery and her mother was arrested and taken to jail.   Her brother was charged and then acquitted on the ground that he did no physical harm to his sister.  Her mother died in jail.  Blanche never regained her sanity from the spell that was cast upon her, never knowing who she really was.  She was placed in an insane asylum where she died 12 years later, still not knowing who she was. 

The piece we are offering holds the powers of Blanche.  It's not the original.  That was buried with her.  However, the powers were taken from the piece and put in a new vessel years later, when the original priest who had tried to help her recognized her.  He blessed her before she died and sanctified her soul for Christ, reversing any effects of being the offspring of Satan.  She went to Heaven, but her power was preserved in this piece.  Don't ask how we got this piece, because I cannot tell you.  Just know that we have it.  Inside this piece are the strongest dual powers you will have ever experienced.  This piece embodies ALL magic and power of a dual entity.  You can use this piece in any way that you wish.  I listed some of the powers that it will give you above, but just know that this is only the tip of iceberg!  This piece is packed with an entire spectrum of power, because it will do dual magic or white magic or both at the same time.  You can summon an array of different types of energies and you will gain multiple personal powers and abilities!  It is the perfect dual piece that doesn't confine you to doing only good-- you can do with it as you wish.  Just remember that karma is always there and what goes around comes around.  Ask Louise.  She died penniless imprisoned!  Either way this piece is incredibly powerful and will allow you to know incredible power!  Ironically, it will also bring you wealth, as that was the whole premise of the powers, anyhow.  You can't really go wrong with this item, it has everything you'll need! 

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