Cerridwen is a shape-shifting lunar deity, witch, herbalist and keeper of the Cauldron of Knowledge, Inspiration and Transformation. <br /><br />
Cerridwen is married to a giant, Tegidfoel, by whom she has two children: A daughter, Crearwy, whose name means "beautiful" or "light" and a son, Afagddu, whose name means "ugly" or "dark." <br /><br />
These children are the Celtic equivalent of oppositional yin-yang forces. Because Cerridwen gave birth to them, she contains and has access to all of these powers. She is a good mother: she wishes the best for her children. She doesn't worry about her daughter but fears that her son lacks sufficient gifts for success and decides to brew a potion for him to compensate. Once drunk, this potion bestows all knowledge, as well as all magical, oracular, and shamanic powers. Only Cerridwen knows the formula: it takes a tremendous variety of botanicals which must be ritually gathered and then added at just the right moment. In addition, someone must continually stir the brew, which must be kept steadily boiling for a year and a day. <br /><br />
Cerridwen is a master of transformation. There is no magical skill or botanical secret she does not know. However, secrets are reserved for those she considers her children or initiates.<br /><br />
Cerridwen can take any form. At this time in her eternal existence, she has chosen to take the form of the artifact you see listed here. With this wonderful deity in your life, you will be able to transform your life in any way you wish. You will become possessed of all knowledge and will be endowed with the powers she willingly shares with her children and initiates. She has asked that whoever takes her into their home be someone who needs a major change in their life and who wishes to acquire the knowledge and magical abilities that will allow them to not only transform their own world but that of the people around them. These pieces hold the spirit of her children; they are extremely powerful and are for someone who wants to make a profound impact on humankind... these make you bonded and you will gain all powers and abilities as you will be noted as one of the family!<br /><br />
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