Sometimes you have intrinsic powers.  These powers have been placed inside of you by God during your present life span.  Alternatively, the could have followed you from your past life.  Whatever the case may be, this piece is going to help you unlock those potential powers that we all have but don't understand.  This is because the piece summons a guardian angel.  This angel is yours and has been yours since your original birth, regardless of how many life cycles ago that was.  Just like when humans are born, a duplicate grine djinn is born into the realm of fire and smoke, there is also an angel born into the realms of white light.  You can think of them as your little angel and devil that you would see on cartoons.  However, this piece only deals with the angel, not your djinn (the devil).  Again, this angel is yours personally, it has been with you since the beginning of time.  You have even given it a name at its inception, when god first created you and breathed the breath of life into you.  

This angel necklace is a reminder that your angel is constantly watching.  Not only will this bug-eyed little angel pendant allow you to spiritually bond with your angel, because it allows you to bond with your angel, but it will tie all the loose ends between you and all the powers that any of your prior selves had.  Aside from this, your bond with your guardian angel will become much stronger, which will allow your angel to a more active role in your life by warding off ALL evil and guiding your life down the roads to success and longevity! 

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