Chinese Hall of Records

Okay, so by now you should all be familiar with Adita, our correspondent from Asia. If you are, or if you aren't, you should be well aware that this chick doesn't play. So, when she heard about a mystical source of magic that had been discovered in a mine shaft in China, she was on it. She asserted herself into the investigation of source of power that was emanating from this pit in China, and has the following account to share with us.

It all started when a group of Chinese miners from an unknown organization began mining a new leg of operation in a mine that is used to extract iron ore and other such materials. Well, apparently they either weren't doing something right or the ground was too soft for mining expansion in that area, and the mine caved in on the workers. You don't have to be worried, though, because the miners got out safe and sound, thanks a group of volunteer rescuers. However, as a result of the Chinese government's probe into the accident, the organization was banned from further operation on the site. The Chinese government claimed the reasoning behind the ban was because ground was deemed unsafe for mining operations to continue by an "independent appraisal group". Operations and government involvement on the site went highly classified and top-notch official.

That didn't stop Adita and her crew from breaking the perimeter of barbed wire with which the Chinese government had encircled the entire mine, and entering. That was the easy part. The not so easy part? Breaking into a makeshift security station, disabling surveillance, and acquiring a security brief that contained a map of the mine. With help from her crew, she was able to navigate the systems of channels to find the exact point of the cave in and a chamber that extended beyond that. It was from this chamber that power was emanating from.

The Chamber itself was 190 yards long-- nearly the size of two football fields!! The walls, floor and ceiling of the chamber itself was paved with gold that was shining like the morning sun. Inlaid in the gold were precious stones from all around the world, some that Adita said she couldn't even identify. Etched into the walls of the chamber were ancient Chinese hieroglyphics, filled with silver and accented with diamonds. It made for a grand display. Off in one corner was an alter that contained a candle that neither unlit or burning. It was simply ablaze with a bluish-green fire that was captivating by sight and radiating the most pleasing smell of incense and spices.

Adita and her crew decided that there wasn't a more perfect time than now to act, so they held a séance right there in the chamber. Their séance was successful and they were actually able to invoke the quintessence of the ancient Chinese gods, to whom, this shrine was built. She has charmed the beautiful pieces that you see above with the powers of the Chinese gods and also with the enchantment of the Chinese Hall of Records, which exists today, under closer (and now even closer!) surveillance of the Chinese government. The place is nearly impossible to find, and even if you do find it, good luck penetrating the perimeters.

Anyway, with this piece you will embody all the ancient magic of the Chinese gods. You will be able to summon their souls for spiritual guidance and well being, for help in casting spells and receiving blessings, and to also for spiritual cleansing and sanctification. It is a very proficient, accurate source of magic you are receiving, and is guaranteed to work as I have checked and double checked it myself. You will also receive the powers of the eternal flame of life, giving you the gift of immortality and the ability to coincide with the gods of the heavens and the lords of the underworld, obtaining all of their secrets and powers and abilities. Upon ordering, you will receive one of the pieces that have been embeded with this power and communication of the Chinese Gods.

This piece coming from the hall of records will also be able to take you back into your own lives as well.
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