Right now I have very bad PMS and I feel cramps so I will try very hard to get this stuff on and not kill the people that keep calling me.

The two items your about to look at are very rare. They are depicting Christ before Earth and the illumination that he was given when he came here.

The one side shows a Saint and the other him getting the illuminating light that is directly from the throne. I only have two,what they do?

These are pieces that can battle even the creatures of the night that have come from the other worlds,demons,entities and even the fallen that travel from here to the outer planets in the heavens. Those heavens are something much different then what we know of today. The reincarnation is also a much different process. It is nothing like we here experience,even if we do remember it.

This illumination is something that you could only get if you were made to "light the Earth" to bring good along with the magic,think like the Mormons and how you can transcend. it is so much more then that,it is the reincarnation of all the 12 disciples which according to the magic and research are but one God taking on different parts as they travel through what we call our solar system yet it is not that,it goes beyond the system we belong to and into other realms in space and time. Many light years away to where our minds can not comprehend.

The power is beyond what you can imagine,the protection is that of invincibility,the lighted path of a warrior angel and the power of Christ in all he gained in his travels.

Our world is coming to an end as we know it,prophesy is getting closer and a new place will start. No,we do not know when but we can take this power with us. This piece is very powerful and deep soul seeded. You need to be one that is seriously searching the magic that is light. It will be handed to you as it was Christ.

There is but two and there is a reason for there only being two like this. Price should not be an issue with these,you will see once you own them for about three weeks.

There were so many things that Christ had to handle,battle and gain before he even came here. These are the lost magics,the lost light, as Earth was the last to form in this story,
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