The Christ and the Spear of Destiny

If any of you follow Christian mythology, then you are certain to recall the story of the Holy Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Messiah who was sent forth by God to make atonement for the transgressions of mankind. He was God's holy lamb, sent to die a death of horribly epic proportions, and at long last be slaughtered in the name of all that is righteous and holy so that some day, the underlings of the world may experience Heaven's triumphant joy. What some of you may not know, though, is the story of the Spear of Destiny, which was a weapon implemented during the crucifixion of the Christ, which has crossed over into the realm of Heaven and which Jesus uses to preside over his minions. You know how the devil has a trident? Well, Jesus has a spear and you can rest verily assured that his spear is far more power and exhibits far more talent than anything that dust crawling serpent, Satan can dig out of his muddy fire pit called Hell.

For those of you whom aren't familiar with the story of the Spear of Destiny, please, allow to elaborate. The gospel of John, in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, clearly states that the Romans planned to break Jesus' legs, a practice known as crurifragium, which was a method of hastening death during a crucifixion. Right before they were about to break the Christ's legs, they realized that Jesus was already dead and that there was no reason to break his legs. To make sure that he was dead, a Roman soldier, named Longinus stabbed him in the side. Observe:

“… but one of the soldiers pierced his side with a lance, and immediately there came out blood and water.” John 19:34

So, some of you are probably wondering what the significance in all this is? Reread the excerpt that comes directly from the Bible again. Okay, now is says in the excerpt that “there came blood and water.” In the gospel of Matthew, as is widely accepted in all denominations of Christianity, Jesus, the Lord and Savior, was both perfect man and perfect God. The fact that blood and water emanated from his body, once he was wounded, just proves that this holy, spiritual being was a true God, incarnate-- his blood signifying that he was indeed in human form, and the water signifies his truly deep divinity and direct correspondence to his baptism by the apostle St John the Baptist. Folks, his blood was all over the spear, which instantly absorbed his powers and was taken to the Basilica of Mt Zion, where it was kept as a most holy relic in remembrance of the Christ.

To complete the circle, and assure you all that giving a worthwhile account and not just rambling superficially, I will tell you all of an experience that I had about two and half years ago, in the Spring of the year 2008. It was March to be exact, a few days after the Vernal Equinox, which is widely believed in the Christian religion to be about the time frame that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead to join his Father in Heaver to reign over the universe. It also happens to be a year in which the equinox fell particularly close to the day on which Easter, the affair most recently described, was formally observed. This opened up a portal gateway for saints and angels to travel to the Earthen realm if they chose to , allowing them a window, during which they could show themselves to their most cherished devotees.

Now, as it so happens, the I have adopted Saint Jude Thaddeus, Patron Saint of Impossible Causes, as my own patron saint. We have been through a number of harsh situations together, but somehow, what always seems impossible, becomes possible. My point is, on this special occasion, he chose to show himself to me. I can remember, quite vividly the hap, openings of that night. I was in bed, attempting to sleep, but as always, that seemed to be impossible as well. I tossed and turned for approximately an hour, when in from the window, flew a speck of light that resembled a firefly. However, the firefly grew and continued to grow, until it was the size and mass of a person. It roughly took form of a person, but I could give you distinct features, as the being was so bright and so holy that I wasn't able to look directly into his face.

When the being spoke, he spoke compassionately, and although he never properly introduced himself, I knew that it must be my patron, Saint Jude, because he identified himself as the one by which all things are made possible through the blood and compassion of Jesus, our Lord. At first, I was a bit frightened, as it isn't every day that a firefly lookalike flies in the window, apparently tripping on miracle grow from the leaf it was just eating, and begins to speak; but as soon as I understood, I was put at ease and St Jude took me by the hand to the place know as Golgotha. Now, Golgotha, which is also known as Calvary or the Place of the Skull, and is the sight at which the Christ was crucified.

I was taken back by the transgression expelled upon the innocent in the hands of the evil. I can't ever remember feeling so saddened or sickened in my life. Knowing what was going to inevitably take place, I was overcome by emotion and wept uncontrollably, until it was all over. I watched as the Centurion played dice for the remainder of the Saviors belongings-- what little bit he had to begin with. When they were ready for it to completely finished, I also watched, as they poked Jesus' side with the spear that would eventually become the Spear of Destiny. And as the spear punctured it was laced with the mystical powers that were invoked in the seemingly dead body of the Christ, and pronounced him dead, for they had no idea what was about to happen. Silly them!!

Right about this time, my patron, Saint Jude, reached out again, and I took his hand and this time we were taken to a place known as the Old City, the City of David-- Mount Zion itself. More specifically we were located in the basilica of Zion, where there existed a fantastical display of devotion to the Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Amidst all of the religious icons, I encountered the very weapon that was used against Jesus during his crucifixion, that I had bore witness to. The spear was still stained with the blood of Christ and atoned with water of the baptism. Under the display were the words dóry tou pepro_ménou, which in Greek is translated as (wait for it....) Spear of Destiny.

In awe of such a religious relic, I dropped to my knees and began to praise God, for I now had no doubt in my mind that the powerful entity existed; not that I ever did, but now I had sure-fire proof that the one known as Yahweh, was in command in all his majesty and mysticism. I wasn't envious, rather I regarded God as powerful, and at that very moment had the desire to be like Him-- not exactly as he was, but similar, so I could use my powers to the benefit of all. My innermost desire was to know his secrets and to carry his burdens; I wanted his mysticism to be rained down on my life a summer rainstorm. I realized that requesting such a gift was probably nearly impossible; or was it? After all, I had patronized Saint Judas, Father of Impossible Causes. I wasn't quite sure what this journey was all about; I mean there had to be SOME purpose to it. My heart and mind swelled with contemplation of being endorsed with the most potent magic in the universe.

At that very moment, my patron reached out, speechlessly, and collected the Spear of Destiny. I felt a sudden jolt to my body and I began to go into to convulsions. I was frightened, but I had my guardian here to protect me and he spoke to me, telepathically, in firm, reassuring voice, telling me that this was his gift to me for being devout to his cause, that through him nothing is impossible. I began to trust and I was filled with a sense of faith and pride. I was filled with faith because at this point I had no reason to refute anything this wide old prophet had to offer. I was overwhelmed with pride because he had chosen me. I was his disciple and he was about to bless me with the most radical power to have ever existed-- the power of Jehovah, the power Yahweh, the power of the one who had created our very world and all that we see in it. A sensation that felt like an electric current and euphoria swept my body, rendering me me limber. I felt numb and lifeless; I was in a complete state of bliss in all factors of existence. I felt my body reaching its forte, a point where, I imagined, my body would most likely just burst into thousands of holy little pieces; but I was content and I didn't care. I was elevate more and more, I could feel my heart racing at what must've been three hundred been three hundred beats per second.

Next thing you know, I woke up in my bed. I was in totally familiar surroundings, still wearing the clothes that I fell asleep in the previous night. I felt stunned, dazed, and a little confused. What had happened? Was it only just a dream? I ran my fingers through my hair, and then shoved my fists into my pockets, whereupon I discovered that there was something already in my right pocket. It was a tiny replica of the crucifix that Jesus had bore during his horrible fate. It was made out of a dark cedar wood. Engraved with gold were the letters I H S. When I touched the piece I felt a spark, which reminded me of my experience with Saint Jude, and drew the conclusion for me. All the powers that I had received the following night were bottled into this little vessel. This little relic was the piece that was going to allow me to have to powers of God and of Christ. I felt relieve that it wasn't all a dream, and upon further investigation, I confirmed that it truly does hold these powers. DeeDee and Flamie even offered a confirmation. Luckily for you guys, I was given the ability of divination replication, that simply means, I am allowed to transpose my powers into other relics, as a means of sharing the divine powers with others.

The pieces on this page have been divined by me, and they hold the exclusive powers of God, which is made up of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You will gain their powers accordingly. I don't think I have to go into particulars, because I'm pretty sure you all know about the powers of God. You will be able to master the mystical concepts behind the powers of God that was used to create the universe and mankind. You will be able to communicate telepathically with angels and saints. You will hold jurisdiction over anything that is evil or desecrated, being able to speak the commands of God to rid these that have abandoned fate. You will ultimately have the ability to alter the outcomes of destiny. What you think will be reality and what you say will be materialized. Such is the way that God created the universe. Observe:

“... And God Said, 'Let there be light,': and there was light.” Genesis 1:3.

There is so much power invoked into my original piece and the offspring pieces that it would take me years to write what I have experienced in less than three. This is a piece that you must possess and master on your own. Once it is yours, the power will bond with you, enveloping your soul, and nurturing you into power. Eventually, it will become full-fledged. At first, the power will ween you from your current reality into the perceptive of godly being. Once you have been spiritually fulfill you be able to actively begin using your powers. However, be cautioned that God can override anything that you say or do at any period of time. He can also banish you to Hell at anytime if you abuse your power... ask Satan. If you start using your powers to persecute, then you will be justly persecuted; so I advise you to use your power cautiously, wisely, and optimistically. You will receive one of the pieces that you see on this page. You will not regret it. You have my personal promise!!

This is to be taken seriously and not abused because it is the exact same as being handed ultimate power. What is important in this piece is the pendant. The pendant is an absorbtion of the power of the true spear of Destiny. What Steve did not tell you is that you will most likely have a full bodied apparition of a Saint or that of Jesus himself. It seems that after we have tested the few items each person has a Saint or some type of religious white light being come to them but it can be different for each person. I had Jesus himself come to me which is not the first time. I think it all depends on who you relate to most. The power I have used and been given was instant.
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