10-19-09 This item is amazing because it is Harmonic Convergence and what it can do has more zap to it then anything you have ever seen or felt. That is because your getting Human energy AND the power and the energy of the galactically informed.

This energy was first obtained at Stonehenge in 1987.

What this means is that the all minds unite,those of humans and those of the astral and galactic beings. Using this allows you to make contact with not only astral beings but galactic beings like Aliens. Also you become IF you decide to,telepathically connected to others in the convergence.

Every person with this energy has seen prophesy,turned their bodies into human power grids, and made contact with aliens.

Sounds a little crazy but it's true. It has to do with a dose of power that comes from so much energy moving through people that have become power grids and the other elements that make upo our universe.

This is a great piece. It gives answers and power
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