10-19-09 If you have wanted to travel the astral plane then this is for you. This gives you travel with the ECK Masters. This ring came from Paul Twitchell who was the creator of Eckakar.

He said that he meet the ECK Master and tat they gave special teachings to him because they are superior beings. He learned how to not only astral travel but to bring things back with them.

This man could heal,soul travel and remove demons.

I got these in Florida  and I have had them a few years. In fact some of the items I have came from realm travel.

The Blood General came from the Astral realm. He is a vampire that came from another item I have which I already sold. It was shocking because it landed on my kitchen table but I have been using him with great luck these past few weeks.

I do have more item from the ECK Masters so ask. This one I believe is sterling silver.  I do not see a mark but please only buy if you do not mind. I think it is but I could be wrong.
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