This is witch craft that comes out of Italy and many of these witches escaped burning and imprisonment because they were the real deal.

This is another heavy duty magic which requires no ritual,no special words and holds no spirit. This is pure power and energy in this piece. This is all sterling and I believe a size 8,I can double check if you need me too.

What this holds in it is the Moon Goddess magic,ancestor spirit connection and the Janus of wealth. The moon Goddess will give you psychic ability and clear vision with prophesy related to your life and others if you ask. The Janus of wealth is just that,wealth,royalty likes luxury and you can too indulge in it. The ancient ancestors will be from your own linage and if you have them now they will better communicate with you and give to you their power. If you have 2 or even 20 powerful spirits in your line you will get from all of them.

This is one powerful piece.

People from the class I'm not changing items out. You all picked good ones and on Tuesday I will ask you what you think you picked and what it does. Even if your wrong they were all good picks.
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