10-19-09 These are amazing! Those of you in the dark arts will love them. I'm not but why I like them is because they do love humans and can do good,very good things and are capable of love for their keepers. In this case you are a keeper.

These are called Tokoloshes or single Tokolosh. They are semi human creatures that can seek revenge fast and accurately. They do not play around but like I said they can also be loving towards the owner and do good things.

These semi human creatures do love humans and in nature they are dual creatures just like us. They seek to please you and you decide what they can do.

These creatures can show themselves and become invisible to their enemies. This creature is also very much feared in African countries because of it's power.

Once this is unleashed on someone nothing can remove it other then a voodoo priest,witch doctor or a priest that has full understanding of it.

Now you may wonder why I place this up knowing that it is dangerous and it IS dangerous but not to you. This is loving to humans,creates great friendships and my hope is that a white light person will get them. I know who those people are.

You will get one of the pins shown here. Both are signed pieces,weiss. They would sell for 150.00 plus with out the Tokolosh inside.

To call this being you will need to have it's name. I can only give that to the owner. Another reason I offer these is because since they do love humans and bond so well with them,who knows when something bad is going to happen and you might need this. Think big government.
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