It is no secret that secrets abound.  However, unearthing these secrets always comes as a little bit of a challenge, regardless of who you are.  As long as there is a struggle for power, there are dirty deeds and other tidbits of knowledge that certain people do want to be discovered.  As long as these factors exist, so do the secrets that accompany them.  Thus, groups had to come up with an efficient way to govern these secrets and to keep them from entering the "wrong" hands... those hands usually belonging to the public or some other benign group they didn't want their secrets to be released to.

 Let's say for example, somebody wanted to investigate the death of president Kennedy.  Well, they could go off of what is already supposedly "known" about the circumstance surrounding his death and they'd come up with the same conclusion that everybody else has... evidence is inconclusive.  If they wanted to dig a little bit deeper, it would be impossible.  There are over 1,000 secret documents held in place by the CIA surrounding the circumstance of JFK's death, all of them are classified, none of them to be released to the public, except in 2017.  However, by then, the CIA will probably either extend the date, black out materials or shred the documents.  There have already been dozens of pounds of documents surrounding the Kennedy conspiracy shredded and disposed of.  But why? 

Even in ancient in Egypt, 3000 years ago, these conspiracies took place.  In fact, after the death of King Tutankhamun, the Egyptians in power attempted to erase him from the channels of history.  Tut's parents Akhenaten and his mother, Nefertiti had tried to start a revolution by offering truths to the people, including the abolition of their traditional gods. Egyptians clerics recognized this as against their agenda and after King Tut's death, all records of his existence, along with his parent's existence were ordered to be destroyed and covered up.  I guess it would have been a good idea to also destroy his grave.  Alas, they did not and remains of his tomb were eventually discovered by archaeologists. 

However, this just goes to show that people are willing to do almost anything to keep their secrets.  There are mass cover-ups going on all over the world.  For instance, there are other secret Egyptian files, covert files from the times of the Sumerians and Etruscans, secrets that were destroyed surrounding the demise of the Knights Templar.  There are secret Nazi files and Masonic secret files.  In the United States, there is a secret section to the Library of Congress and the CIA withholds the information of over 50 MILLION documents alone!!  This is a lot of hidden information and knowledge. 

Most of these secrets, from the beginning times to the current secrets retained and covered up by current governments are controlled by one central institution.  The NWO are the people in complete control of the whole world.  They control every aspect of our existence from Obama winning his stupid second election to economic crises of the world to the Iranians being able to build nuclear weapons.  What they don't want the public to know, they cover up.  These secrets contain anything from just regular old conspiracies such as operation Blue Bird to magical powers and energies that have been obtained from governments from ancient times up until now.  They contain files about secret meets with extraterrestrials, experimentation on mind control, the abilities of psychokinesis in the armed forces, bi location, and others.  They control all secrets. 

The NWO has figured out a way to secretly scan all secret and covert information into energetically charged items.  The items contain a special magnetic field that retain the information.  When worn by an NWO worker, or any normal human being for that matter, the magnetic field energy will allow the piece to perform a brainscan.  During this process the person who wears the item will be uploaded with all secrets, like a massive super-human computer.  The result is the ability to preserve covert information without a paper trail.  The items are designed to resemble normal every day attire, so that way operative can go incognito.  There are a limited number of these items, as they are guarded pretty closely. 

I have some exciting news, though.  I have been able to obtain one of these items.  We have swapped it out with a different item so that way the NWO has no way of tracing it back to us.  Smart right?  I know.  That's how we operate!  Anyway, this piece holds all of the secretly scanned, covert information that is housed in the Central Intelligence Co-op of the NWO, whose American headquarters are under the Denver airport by the way.  All of their secrets are contained in this piece and are available for to surf through like a vast ocean of information.  These secrets will bring you anything from the massive powers of the ancient Egyptians, to secrets of remarkable alien technology.  It will give you the magic of the Knights Templars and Rosicrucians, as well as the magic of covered-up witchcraft rituals of governments during the witch trials.  It is a very versatile, multi-powered piece.  The powers in this piece are omnipotent, in that there are very few powers that this item doesn't not hold record and account of. 

Most people have been waiting their entire lives to get their hands on something like this.  Haunted Curiosities has the only one available to the public.  Do not miss this opportunity, as you will not get another one!! 



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