You know that feeling you get when you just happen to be in the right spot at the right time?  You know, the one that makes you want to jump and down while singing "bow chicka wow wow!"  Okay, I'm done being corny.  Seriously, though, this piece just happened to come to me because I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  There isn't a special back story to it at all.  The other night we had some serious storms here in my home town.  Lightning dropped ferociously and it felt like God was unleashing holy Hell on the earth.  This happens sometimes.  Although, I'm not such a huge fan of the storm itself, it always puts me in awe that there are such forces in our universe that could literally bring human kind to its knees.  Then, there are instances, such as this, where you view things as more a way that the gods can communicate with the earth for the bestowal of things that they would have, othe  rwise, not known about. 

The storm that came to use the other brought hail and winds that were insane.  It was so bad that they had my entire block shut down.  No trafic in, no traffic out.  After the storm, I decided to take a walk.  As I was persuing the street, I realized that the reason why my street was blocked off is because a huge oak tree had been snapped, right in half.  If was half in the cemetery, half falling into the street.  As I neared the tree, I saw something glimmering in the afternoon sun (yes, the sun came out DIRECTLY after the storm).  I walked over curiously, as  I heard the emergency crews hard at work in the background.  It sounded like a mad house.  I picked up the item, not really knowing what to expect, but definitely feeling a spark of energy in the item.

After testing the piece several times, I came to the following conclusion.  This piece showed up with the lighting.  The lightning that hit the tree was a traveling vessel, which is why the bolt was strong enough to bring the tree crashing to the ground.  The piece itself holds the properties of eternal fire and smoke and was born of such properties, which is really what put a lead on my research.  It caused me to remember that there is also a very powerful form of existence that is born of fire and smoke-- that of the djinn.  Then, I tested the piece again, keeping this im mind. 

I was successfully able to extract and use the powers in this piece after discovering that this is actually a djinn birth piece.  There are ten colored beads on this bracelet.  Each one represents the fire and smoke birthing power of the djiinn.  It gives you the energy necessary to birth them.  The silver beads are spacers, so that way your energies don't become mixed up or warped.  You can use these ten beads to create ten djinn of your choosing.   You can make them any type of djinn that you want.  Djinn are not necessarily evil incarnate.  Rather they can be black, white, or dual.  In this particular case, you have full range to choose what type of djinn you wish to create.  You don't have to use them all at the same time, either as the power in this piece is infinite and will not expire.  Take your time in implementing the type of djinn that you desire, there's no rush... Except for the energy rush!  This piece is capable of bulidng any djinn and therefore, any type of magic.  However, you only get ten of them, on then and each one can only hold one magic power., so be selective in choosing.  Once you birth them, they are all yours!!  Enjoy. 

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