An external glimpse of Paris would tell you that the city is abuzz with excitement.  There are art museums, orchestral performances, street performers, the Eiffel Tower, and not to mention, great food.  It seems like a place that's sparkling with life and energy; however I was once told that you if you flatten a pancake, there are still two sides.  As alive and bright and inviting as the streets of Paris may seem to be, it has a darker resonance that one could imagine.  Situated beneath the city of Paris is yet another city.  It is the City of Death.  

It happened that during the eighteenth century, Paris began to have a very dire problem.  It's cemeteries were beginning to suffer from a crisis of overcrowding.  At first they attempted to stack bodies on top of one another.  Then, they gave up on stacking them, and turned to mass graves as the answer.  Eventually, these burial mounds became so high that they reached a whopping 20 feet above the street level.  It was literally and everyday occurrence, for those who dare to venture past the overspilling cemetery, for decayed corpses to be spilling out onto the pavements.  You could find putrid liquids oozing their way down the streets, causing death and disease.  The air was thick with the smell of rotting flesh.  

Beneath the city of Paris is a series of tunnels and passageways.  They were constructed in the times of the Romans, when the grounds were mined for the building supplies that would eventually become the Paris that we know today.  These mines and underground caverns eventually became too weak to support the infrastructure, so they stopped being used and laid abandoned.  These passageways, thought the Parisians, would be the perfect place to store the bones of the deceased.  So, for the next two years, people were hired to load up the bones and deposit them into the caves.  They were stacked very meticulously, all types of bones stacked next to bones of the same kind.  Skulls were shaped into the pattern of hearts and crosses.  It really is its own little underground city.  I mean, not ALL of the passageways are lined with the bones of the deceases.  It would be nearly impossible to fill the entire expanse of the underground web with bones, because of its massive size.  There are parts of the city that haven't even been rediscovered yet.  

Throughout the years, the City of Death, complete with seven million people, has multi-tasked as a place for all kinds of events.  Hookers take guys down their to perform their services.  The author Balzac hid out their to escape his creditors.  During World War II, Parisians took to the deep recesses of the caves to hide from their attackers.  In 1847, the members of the Paris orchestra were even brave enough to descend into the dank, gloomy pits to perform a clandestine recital.  It has also attracted many explorers, many of whom do not ever see the light of day again.  There is something agonizing and haunting about disturbing the peaceful sleep of the dead.  Maybe it shouldn't have been done in the first place; but in any case it definitely shouldn't be done even nowadays.  I mean, I'm sure it's probably really neat to look at; but let's not take it as far as desecrating the place.

The City of Death attracts curiosity from those who are mortal.  It is a place of morbid fascination for the likes of these people.  However, there are other citizens of the City of Death.  They are those who are neither alive nor dead.  They are the undead creatures that you've heard about your entire life, but were never aware of actually existing.  Unless you've followed us for a while now, then you are fully aware of their existence.  It's what we do.  Death itself traveled there a few years back to claim the lives of a group of friends who foolhardily descended into the city from some secret entrance in Paris.  The next day, the boy came back to the above city, white as a ghost, stammering about how, "It took my friends."  It led us into curiosity, ourselves.  

I can honestly say that this time wasn't the time for us to go traveling to Paris, because we had so much going on at the time.  However, we did send a group of investigators down into the caverns and caves to see what they could explore.  Without going great details of the entire investigation, I can tell you that this piece came from beyond the known parts the caverns.  They found the life form locked inside a cage made entirely of human bones, upon which had been written a containment spell.  It wasn't long before our whole camp was wondering if this is the real reason they stopped the mining process.  They had released something that was much more powerful than they had ever bargained for.  Or maybe this life form was hidden down there on purpose, with the hopes that it would never be discovered.  Whatever the case may be, after the spell was able to be reversed, the life form was transferred into a vessel and sent back to Deedee.  

Gaining contact with the life form was no easy feat, as it wasn't the most cooperative.  However, after a while it warmed up to us to the point where we were able to summon it out of the piece during a seance to hold dialogue with it.  It has told us that there are many more where he has come from, but that they may never be found.  They were put down there by the Parisians during the construction of the mass grave that currently occupies the tunnel network.  He has identified that he, and the others like him, had been commissioned to watch over the mass graves, but assured me that the graves are so active they need no watching.  However, he has been confined to this box for such a long time, because of the confinement spell that was place on the box they locked him up in.  It was like a catch 22.  They needed an immortal to watch the graves, but they were too afraid to trust the vampires not to return to their city and take their children for victims.  So, the majority of the last 3 centuries, the vampire has spent his life confined.  Now, that we have rescued him, he is free to escape, aside from the track you put him on.  

The vampire agreed to stay in the piece for summoning purposes as long as we didn't put him back into the cave for another three centuries.  Now we have this item, with him in it, that you can use to summon him and his powers!  With this item you get the ability to summon the assistance of what I am calling a Guardian Vampire.  It's just like a guardian angel, except he is going to be there for you to help you develop your own sanguine identity.  With this new identity you will be receiving, a ton of new powers and abilities will also come, but I'm sure exactly what they are as your Vampire Guardian will probably curtail your magic to what he knows you want and need.  He will also keep your path free from danger, vanquishing any potential threat that he senses along the way.  This is a very powerful and unusual piece that will perfect the powers you already have and build the ones you've always wanted! 

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