The Sage of Tao

Last summer was a difficult time for me. Without getting into too many particulars, or making it sound like I’m griping, I’ll simply say it was definitely an all-time low point in my life. I felt as though I was never going to make it through and the weight of the world was resting on my shoulders.

On one particular night, I remember having a few drinks by myself, after which I watched some TV and fell asleep. About an hour and a half into my sleeping, I began having the strangest dream. I was taken back in time to a place that resembled a monastery, but I wasn’t quite sure. All I can remember thinking to myself is how real the dream felt, even though I knew that was nearly impossible.

I began wondering around, but nobody was in sight. I called out for someone, but nobody was there. I couldn’t help but think that this must be a mere glimpse into the reality of my own life… so busy, but so alone. I kept on wondering, until I came across a town. On a large stone tablet outside of the town, there were inscriptions that I recognized at once to be Asian. There was also a smaller inscription reading, Hunan.

This town was strange, however, as there no people, merely the proof of the living. Nobody bustled. Nobody was there. It was just me and a lonely, ancient town, that looked like it must have existed long before Jesus was even a twinkle in the Virgin Mary’s eye; so… I wandered around aimlessly.

As I wondered, I noticed a particular building, off in the distance and to the left. This building, although it was just like the rest, seemed to be calling me… as if it were beckoning my entry. Naturally, I roll with gut instincts, so I made my way across the too the building.

As I entered the building, I was startled to find out that I hadn’t been alone after all. There was someone in the building, which apparently was kept for some sort of record keeping purpose. We’re going to say, for the sake of argument, that it was a library-- An ancient Library, full of scripts and fancy looking inscriptions and symbols.

The man on the other end of the library smiled and nodded his head at me, as if he were expecting me. He wanted me to have a seat, but I wasn’t about having a seat. This man was a little bit awkward to look at. He was shaped like a normal human being, but he was transparent. He had a glowing orb about him that shone a soft purplish color and lit up the room. I recognized this immediately as the highest form of an aura that one can receive—the most simple and the most pure.

Once again, he beckoned me, this time to take a walk with him. He took to me for a walk through a beautiful garden with many different colored flowers. Some were beautiful, some were not so beautiful. Some of the flowers stank, some of them smelled very aromatic; some were dull and lifeless, some were perky and vibrant

The man then identified himself as Lao-Tze. Later research told me that this is a Chinese term for old philosopher. The man informed me that the ancients had sent him to me. He began a parable that went like this. My life was just like a garden of flowers, all different, but each serving its purpose. Sometimes bad flowers are necessary to assure the flourishing of the most beautiful. Sometimes a flower might smell bad at the time, until it is in full blossom, when it smells like nothing you have experience. It is important that I embrace all the flowers in my garden. Don’t just look at the negative ones and wish they were like the most beautiful. Each growth and phase serves a purpose in the life of the garden.

He then informed me to hold out my hand and he gave me the piece that you see below. He told me it was mine to keep as a gift from the ancients, and from him, the Sage of Tao. At this, I was excited, because I have had a lot of experiences, but never with such a powerful sage and philosopher. Before I was even able to muster my excitement into comprehensible words, he was gone and the dream was over.

When I awoke, I still had the piece in my hand. I tested the piece, and was able to conclude that this holds the powers of the sage and his Virtuous Magic and Rites. This piece is developed to bring you spiritual cleansing, elevation, and deification. Once you are cleansed with this piece, your aura will glow purple, just as the sage’s did in the Garden. Your spirits will be uplifted and your karma will be cleanses. This will aid you in whatever it is that you are going through. It will give you spiritual rejuvenation and oneness. It will align the chakras perfectly, allowing you to open up a gateway within your mind that is the mental block prohibiting you from a higher existence and self-actualization.

Additionally, you will receive the magical powers and Yin and Yang, the balancing life force of the universe. These entities will come to you and give you the essence of their power. You will be able to master many spells and divinations and other white light magics with these powers that you will only be able to attain after you achieve your oneness and spiritual elevation.

This piece helped to pull me out of my funk last summer and get me where I need to be. Now, I want to share this special piece and all of its capabilities with somebody who needs it. It is valuable power and will work to the max. You will receive the piece that you see below.

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