Tessa is a dynamic personality, advanced ritual worker, psychic medium, and student of the Craft. She has worked tirelessly since discovering the abilities that were granted to her.

Tessa has felt, and understood her life's purpose as long as she can remember, and has become a dynamic, powerful Wiccan Practitioner.

She is an exceptionally talented energy worker within the fields and realms of our Universe~!


This piece, by Tessa, will help you remove a hex or curse permanently and safely~!

Are you feeling down? Lethargic? Sad? Depressed?

Are you having Bad Luck?

Do you feel that your life is not going in the direction that you wished that it would?

The ancient and current practice of placing a hex, or a curse on an individual spirit has been very, very real for thousands of years.

Without the help of an experienced Witch, the curse that you may be burdened with will continue to grow daily - Burdening your life, bringing down your karma, poise, happiness, and success.

Have you experienced feeling sick regularly? Are you lethargic? What about bored with life?

If you are experiencing any of these conditions... of are angry, dragged down, depressed and having anxiety attacks then you most likely have a hex or curse surrounding you!

Do you find yourself feeling as though life is never going to turn around for you?

Do you feel like every choice you make, every decision, ends up being the wrong decision?

This is NOT the way to live a happy, successful, peaceful life. There is a strong chance that the experiences you have daily are not just common place, that they are not coincidence. Whether you realize it, or not, there is a high probability that a curse and/or hex has been placed on your spirit.

Spirit work is extremely detailed, and intricate. Today, with the advent and huge growth of the Internet, there are more and more young, inexperienced people carelessly practicing hex and curse placement. With the amount of information available it is becoming VERY EASY for an inexperienced person to hold a curse ritual. What happens if, without the proper experience, they curse the WRONG SPIRIT? This could happen to you. It happens with great frequency!

Tessa has discovered that nearly 80% of her clients have been accientally engaged with a curse that was not meant for them~!

 They did nothing wrong. They did not deserve the curse that was placed on them. Their bane, and sadness, their lack of success in love and in finance was solely the result of being burdened with a curse, placed on their spirit in error!

Because of the finite details, and intricacies of spirit work this sort of mishap happens ALL THE TIME.

This piece has been formatted and designed to  fully remove, and banish any curse or hex that is embedded in your spirit.

Once all burdens are peacefully removed, this item will then relinquish energies that will benefit you and implode great things into your life that will be the next best thing to giving you back the time you lost living with the hex, or curse!

Nearly immediately things will begin to go your way - This often leads to increases in mood, calmness, and happiness. Removal in FULL of all stress, anxiety, depression.

You will  feel awake, alive, focused... you will feel almost childlike -- you will approach your life with optimism, joy and exuberance~

* These are sterling back earrings -- that will work for pierced, or non-pierced ears, as they have screw backs~


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