In 1945, an American intelligence team code - named "Deer" parachuted into the jungles of Asia to help a band of guerrillas fighting the Japanese.

They found leader,  Nguyen Ai Quoc, seriously ill from malaria and dysentery.  The team medic stated, "This man doesn't have long for this world", but he was actually able to stabalize him and nurse him back to health, with the help of a fire stone that he found in the jungle!

The grateful leader agreed to provide intelligence and rescue downed American pilots in return for ammunition and weapns.

The team suggested that the United States continue to support Quoc after the war, but the recommendation was considered too conttroversial and it was ignored. The following year the guerilla leader pleaded with President Truman to support his movement to gain independence from the French, but the U.S. government decided it didn't like his politics.

Nguyen Ai Quoc was also known by another name, "He who enlightens." In Vietnamese: "Ho Chi Minh. 60,000 Americans died in the Vietnam War, battling a former ally whose life the United States once fought to save!

** Imagine saving the life of an ally who later turns his back to kill many of your own --- this could have been prevented had their been a visionary who would have been able to see the future. The divination in this piece carries through the follicles of scrying and the idol of the United States Eagle. The Eagle is holding the orb that showcases the future to the one who connects with this piece. You will have first warnings to events that will ratify in the future, and this will allow you to make things change before they happen --- you can control your fate, and the fate of those around you... by knowing what will occur through this visionary orb!

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