** From a Client Margaret

This is about my neighbors Lisa and Tony and involves me and my mom as well. We were telling them about our experiences of corner of the eye phenomenon in our house. Sometimes we think we see a small dog or cat in the dining room that seems to jump off a chair and run away, usually when we are watching telly. Same happens to them. Then Lisa told us of the things that happened in their home. Tony was playing his Xbox in the living room and saw a pencil fly across the room. It had been on the TV table and just flew off horizontally, landing on the floor.

Holly, their eldest daughter, saw a large orb moving round her room and on another occasion, saw strange fairy lights dancing around the room, similar to what I have seen from time to time in our home.

One night Tony was sleeping and woke to see a shadowy couple near the door - a man and a woman looking at him. The landing light was still on at this time and Lisa was coming up the stairs. Tony watched them hold hands and rush out of the door. As Lisa came in, he asked her if she saw anything and she hadn't.

Another strange occurrence was when my mom saw Lisa leave, and  then heard her shouting at her toddler son. Mom just assumed she forgot something and came back, but then she looked out and her car was gone and she saw her coming back up the path about an hour later!

My mom asked if Lisa had come back a while ago but Lisa said she had been out all morning and was just coming back now. I think it may have been some kind of residual recording. Either that or Lisa has a doppelganger.

Oh I guess I forgot to mention that we live in townhomes, so from time to time you can hear your neighbors -- and we assumed that there must be some kind of paranormal energy that radiates between the several homes in our grouping.

We are only close with Tony and Lisa, we say hi to the other neighbors, but that is about all, also we didn't want to seem strange and ask about paranormal occurrences.

So things bgan to get more strange and even though we weren't scared, we were intrigued by the instances and decided it was time to call in investigators.

** We got the background information from Margaret back in August, and were able to get to her home a few weeks back. Margaret, her mother Sue, Tony and Lisa all were there when we arrived.

We did a 3 day full investigation and learned that the houses held sentient shadows which immersed them with attraction to spirits, fairiies and shadow beings.

Although no one was scared, we still cleansed both homes and infused the energies into this piece.

The piece is extremely powerful and, used correctly, will impart to you ministering elements that will open the windows to powers across the horizons.  You will be able to summon the beings in your mind and therefore express inhibitions of ecstasy that will embrace the ground beneath you and bring forth facets of Sefer Shem Magic, which is a fortified indulgence of super, incredibly charged forces that are rare to ever learn or retrieve!

If you have been looking for majestic abilities that will flood you with surges of power and energy, then look no further -- you will not believe how these powers will change your level of advancement in the occult world!!

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