These pieces again come from the lady in New York,out of those boxes. Again these are very expensive but I'm giving you 50 percent off. They will not be able to use any coupons with these unless your a person that has your own coupon code.

With this one you get Cosmic order manipulation which allows you to manipulate both sides of the soul,change and align DNA from any species you were. You will also be able to change events from this Earth and Pre-earth. This is so important for those that are always having problems and can't seem to clear the aura,chakra or any soul and past life matter. The reason could be because your clearing something from this Earth/lives on Earth but you need to go deeper.

You will also have the cosmic lingualism which will allow you to understand all including the alien languages. The other you will get is the Cosmic Health. This is a regeneration power that will heal you,others and even objects that have been cursed,haunted or are not holding enough power because they are sick.unpowered.

You will also get absorbtion which allows you to constantly gain and gather energy so that you are always at top notch.

You will also get vocaldosism which allows you to think,speak and cast anything you wish. I also have this power in one of the witches items that is going on later tonight or tomorrow.

The price is reflecting 50 percent off.
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