These are my weekend sales and some of them will be very good and one of a kind items.

This is a very unique personal spirit keeper of your choice. I will add it in and it goes in the red stone. RIght now there is a mystical 11th realm vampire inside but he can be removed. When you flip him over you see him and he has the most powerful,magical and loving energy to him. He is not a push over but full of healing,love,power and he offers it to you if you want it.

The purple stone is one of the most powerful magics. It is a flame that grows inside of you giving you great psychic ability.

The red stone is a drawing stone which works in a very unique way. When it comes into contact with rotted people it can add some light to them very easily. These changes you might not see at first but it is working and they feel it in their minds. This helps them to slowly work to a place of light. The other way it works is that it projects love outward from you onto someone else so that if there is a love interest it gets going much better and faster.

There is another stone not shown here because I must cleanse it. This is a black stone that absorbs all negativity that people try and toss at you. It is what I call the bounce. It hits you and goes on into the outer atmosphere to bother no one.

This is a great multi-tasker for someone that could use something like this and I only have one
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