This is holds the spirit of the Amphisbaena which when alive was considered evil. In death it holds healing properties for almost everything and is also protective of it's keeper. There are key words which you must be given to wake him and you will get them in your order

The Amphisbaena is a dragon and once it has passed the spirit remains and it is of dual magic. It is NOT evil once passed on. I do not know why this happens to it in death but my guess is that it is able to see all and put it's powers into  something good.

I say this one is dual only because of just HOW protective he is. He is able to cause revenge in a way you see fit to tell him to seek it.

I do not believe in the revenge tactics but for those that do not to much can beat this fierce creature.

The ring is set in sterling silver and it is very old. The size is about a 7 and a half.

You can also wear him on a chain.
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