This piece may not be pleasing to the eye but it sure is powerful!

It was cut off the finger of a person at death.  This is a full elemental control ring in which the full potential has not been harnessed yet. This is something for a person with strong abilities. Anything earth bound can be effected by this.

You need to have a tough control to use it. It is almost like fire starter.

If it is an elemental or an environmental thing this will control it. If your feeling an earth quake coming on or you need rain or you need earth bound creatures this does but only for this world.

In using it the man who had it cracked it from so much power. Then it was cut off in death. The man was very frail and stayed in bed most of them time living inside a world of psychic visions and dreams.

He was a white man that lived in a country in Africa. He was drawn there for sacred magic and then lived in a hut on a bed of grass for the rest of his life. He hardly ate food and his meaningful relationships were with these ancient beings that communicated to him through vision.

This is in all sterling silver and I hope the right person gets this.

I was talking to Odalis the other day and I think because of what some of this does it could help you. You do not have to buy it because I'[m still sending you an item for free to help with that stuff you told me. But when I list some items people come to mind and you did so I mentioned it.

Good luck all others.
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