COMMUNICATION PORTAL FROM HEAVEN After losing my grandfather I wanted to see if I could connect with his spirit to ensure that he was in peace and in a divine state. I couldn't get him out of my mind, as I just needed the sense of closure since I know I have the means to communicate with spirits. I was on my way to my sisters house last night when I put my hand out the window, it was extremely breezy and all of a sudden I felt someone holding my hand. I looked at my hand and it seemed as if I was holding it back. I immediately started crying... I could not believe it -- I felt warm and nice, even thought it was cold outside, with my window down. This encounter was incredible and the sensational feeling flooded my body and my thoughts went right to my grandpa! I was so happy to be able to feel his hand again...I am not sure how I knew it was him, it just felt like the same feeling when he would hold my hand while he was still alive. I used to sit by his bed in the hospital and he would hold my hand while we talked. I stopped my car and had a chill run through my spine... I clenched my hand and when I opened it again I found this piece. It was incredible and I knew it was a gift from Heaven. I told my mom about the story and what happened and I planned to keep this as a treasured piece forever, but then after talking with a lot of people I realized that I am blessed with the gift to be able to communicate and since have had conversations with my grandpa. I had many friends tell me how they wished they were able to communicate and feel their loved ones who have passed. Then I thought about how giving and caring my grandpa was, and that he would be happy if I was able to help another have this amazing attribute of happiness! So now this incredible piece that has touched my life and brought me peace and closure with the passing of my grandfather can be yours. If you are purchase, please respect the power and honor the piece, as it is a connectivity portal to those in Heaven. It will generate many facets very fast for you to have connections and answer all doubts and questions that you may have in dealing with the mourning of a lost loved one! THIS IS A PIECE THAT YOU MAY PASS ON TO OTHER WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH IT BECAUSE THE POWER WILL STILL STAY WITH YOU ONCE YOU HAVE USED IT A LOT. WE ARE NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS MADE OF BUT IT APPEARS TO BE STERLING. WE ARE NOT SAYING THAT IT IS AS WE HAVE NOT HAD IT TESTED. THE PICTURE OF THIS PIECE WILL BE ON TOMORROW AND NO WE WILL NOT FORGET TO ADD IT.
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