Waves of Connective Energies

In 1931, while working at Bell Telephone Laboratories in New Jersey, Karl Jansky was given the task to detect the sources of static that may interfere with the company's planned transatlantic telephone service.

He came up with a sensitive antenna mounted on a turntable; this identified three sources of interference: nearby thunderstorms, distant thunderstorms, and a faint hiss of mysterious origin.

He monitored this source over months, and noted that it varied in intensity during the span of a day.

The energies showcasing themselves on the antenna yielded high readings that were abnormal for any known pulls that were seen in the past.

Research was fortified to find that the signals proclaimed forces from outer space. Alien lifeforms acknowledged their presence through the forces of wave energy.

Karl discovered this and added markers to be used to disrupt the connection by sending the shield upon other force collectors. This caused metal to conduct and absorb the energy.

Aspects of power and energy proclaimed itself upon peoples jewelry as they wandered upon the streets when Jansky reverted the energies.

These cuff llinks are pieces that have been fortified with the power. The energy and force has been built up for over 70 years. By bonding with these pieces you will be able to alter appearance of items, make mechanical items work, unlock doors with your mind, enter people's dreams and perform memory manipulation by conversing and sending energies through anothers body.

These are emblem items of supernatural descent --- they are amazing and extremely powerful --- these are your bonding regiments to the extraterrestrials!

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