Container to Your Power - <br /><br />

This golden container holds the key to your wishes. Inside is Talon, a free djinn who chooses to serve humans of his own free will. Except for hurting someone, making someone love you, or bringing back the dead, he will do you bidding—whether that means getting you lots of money, power, or finding things for you—but more importantly, he will grant you the ultimate power: To become a djinn yourself! <br /><br />

That way you don’t have to ask him to do everything for you; you can do it yourself, or with him as a team for maximum effect. Talon just wants time to himself every now and then, so giving you the powers of a djinn help him as well. You can gain power, tell the future, transport back to the past, and stop time, among numerous other abilities that will come out with time.<br /><br />

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