I often get into trouble for having conversations with strangers. It is not the strangers most of the time but people who know me and get mad. One such conversation I had today which you will learn about on my next Ebay auction. People sat stunned but I was only speaking the truth. I had to call an Omaha steak rep and boy was it a doozy!

I like to talk to strangers because no matter if normal or abnormal they always have something to say I find interesting. This item really does it for me. This is a grave rosary and it is about 6 ft long! Could be longer but at least 6ft. I use this on occasion when I have time and want to relax. This is one of my personal items. As some of you know I collect books and things historical. One of the reasons I like talking to older people is because of the times they lived in. They can share so much.

What this item does is very simple and easy to use. You only need to drape it over a tomb or lay it on one and sit down to relax. The spirit is conjured up or woken to speak to you using spirit telepathy. Spirit Telepathy is when you have no ability but the spirits always do and they share it with you for communication purpose. I have other items that do this with out having to go to a cemetery if interested then just email me. For those that have a problem with communication this could be a break through for you.

As for this piece you can take it to the cemetery and speak to your relatives or anyone you wish.
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