Cosmic Time Oracle of God

God seems to be a nice guy, eh? I mean, he created us, he provided for us when nobody else would, he shelters us from Satan, and then he sent us a savior... so on so forth. Now, he has just become a large degree more generous than he has ever been before, providing us with a miracle so great that the only action that could appear more appealing than the second coming of Christ.

It was about five years ago that I began having dreams. You see that is one of my abilities... dream transpondence An easier way to think of this is simply to know that I have psychic visions while I sleep. I communicate with spirits and receive visions in my sleep. So, when I was visited by the apostle Saint Paul in my dreams, I wasn’t startled, just taken back by his grandiosity and splendor.

St. Paul returned to my dreams for seven days. On the seventh day, St Paul informed me to take his hand and to follow him. Seeing that I am not afraid of much, I took St. Paul’s hand and followed him, stepping out of our realm and into the next. When I say next realm, I mean Heaven, of course. It is true what they say about Heaven, too. It is surely a majestic place, with choruses of angels singing praises.

I was taken through an ivory gateway encrusted with a number of precious jewels. On the other side of the gateway was the Garden of God. In the garden of God was his holy majestic throne. I arrived at the foot of his throne, being humbled by the very sight of it. He manifested himself to me in human form, informing me that he had a great prophecy to share and an even greater gift to bestow upon me. He had chosen me to expel the secret to the world!

The power that he passed onto me, was given out of love for his people. It is a omnipotent power that conjures the energies of the sun, moon, stars, and planets. He passed onto me the secrets of the cosmological clock, giving me the ability to control the very essence of time. With this new found power I was able to travel forward and backward into time. This allowed for me to go backward in time to change my past sins and transgressions. It also allowed me to travel forward in time, to see my destiny, so that way I can change my current behavior accordingly. It has given me the ability to become a cosmic time oracle of God, giving me the prophecy of Earth’s Great Millennium and Jesus’ return. He has given me the ability to see and talk with angel and obtain their white, light powers. I use this power to perform highly potent angel magic in the mortal realm.

Now, this power has been transposed to the item that you see below. The piece embodies the power that has been passed down to me from God. This piece will make you a walking, living cosmological time oracle, able to control time at your discretion, which will give you the power of time travel. Using this time travel, you will be able to acquire magical powers from prehistoric times, to future eras, and across the realms. You will also gain the ability to speak with angels, receiving divine providence and unearthly wisdom to help you use your gift, if you desire. (If not use it at your own discretion) You will also inherit the ability to practice angel magic, which is the highest degree of white light magic available.

The timepiece that is available stopped the clock on the exact time in which I encountered our Heavenly Father. You can either keep the piece on this time for sake of endurance of power, or you can replace the battery and we assume the piece should re-ignite --- the piece will work with you in your dreams to visit other realms and extract the power and knowledge of the Heavens. This piece is generational time piece that was attached to me when I was called upon from St. Paul.

I often wake up in the middle of the night due to my psychic dreams and like to have a watch close by so I can see what time it is --- those digital, neon lighted alarm clocks mess with my ability to sleep, so I always have a small time piece connected to my pjs. This majestic one is now available to you so you can witness and gather the divine travels that it brings forth ~ YOU will now hold the endowment of secrets that God wishes to share with the world!

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