Nov 6-09 COSMOS AND DAMIAN THE ULTIMATE CONNECTION Cosmos and Damian are not well known but they are Saints of the Christian church. These two became Saints because they have direct communication with the dead. It is not just communication they have with the dead but full power over them. This is no easy feat for a human being to be able to do. Now consider going back in history many places considered these men magicians and not Saints. Both of these Saints were killed in Cyrrhus and made martyrs. The Medici family donated tons of money to them and to their linage. The original name was Cosimo and they had the most extraordinary power to heal as well as control the dead. It is suspected that the dead were controlled in such a way as to heal and to bring them wealth. For most of you that are aware of the history of the Medici family you know that they were very heavy into the arts. They would not have donated if the two Saints could not do as they said they could or if miracles were not performed. This item is two items,your getting both of these and one can go to another person so you both connect and have the same abilities. The bale is in 14k gold I believe and the stones are real in each cross. These came from the Basilica and were dropped down and placed into these crosses. The Stones are magical and were placed into the wood with the original non magical stones being replaced with the miracle and magical stones. Sorry,not awake yet. You will feel the power of these and they do connect you to each other and the two magicians/Saints.

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