As with all these descriptions many items are NOT haunted in anyway. Some are and if they are they will say it. If they are not haunted they will just have a brief description of the item and what it is. Any item can be made into a charging bowl,box,container,etc. All items can be spell cast and spirit attached at no additional cost. These are Lindy's items and so there is a charge for shipping. NO discount may be applied to these items.

This item is NOT haunted. This could be Majolica,it does have a raised marking on the bottom that looks like two diamonds put together. If this item is the real deal it is worth anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000. I do not like Majolica and have no interest in it. This item is a tea pot with no cracks and is in great condition. To me it is hideous but to others they love it. For a tea pot collector you will like it. You can also pretend to be in India or a Dunkin Donuts when you have your tea. Sit on some pillows and play some weirdo music and you will feel great. I will even send you a tea bag. Just take it off my table.
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