Alliette had met with 17 Magi who were around during the time of the great flood. These men are the creators of the tarot cards and symbols which are really to be used as magic.

Thousands of years later this art has been lost to us. We only know about reading the cards but not what they can do or really mean. The magic that they hold is incredible,hard to comprehend the strength of it all and the magical ability.

To use these pieces and you MUST wear them together when using, You would take out your cards and not do them but look at them.

Each card is something different as you already know. But lets say you need a lover or wealth you would take out that card and place it right side up. You would then speak to your Magi and tell then this is what you want. Then take the pieces and lay them on the cards. Good readers know that some cards that follow after others do so because it is creating a future. You too can do this by laying the pieces hooked to a chain across all the cards so that a part is touching each card. This will then create a future for you.

After doing this 17 times in that fashion you no longer need to place the pieces on the cards,you can just wear them. IF you change cards you should repeat the process.

We have tested this item so many times I was ready to move on. There is only so much a person can ask for but since life is long I'm sure you will get good use out of it. You may also use this for other people too.

Both pieces are sterling. May of the ones that have gone on this week are but we just forgot to add it in.
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