This piece came from Coven 22 up near the Insane Asylum in Pennsylvania.

They practiced old magic and used the spells to bring enlightenment to their lives.

This is a piece by 1928 Jewelry Co,; it holds within it a Unicorn Spirit named Coilesty. This piece can only be used by females... while we do hate when this happens --- we do not want a man to buy it.

We were told that the powers will not work for men and we had male testers work with the piece just to verify; and they had no luck.

You can place your wish inside the purse by opening the pendant and placing your desire on a piece of paper --- you will fold this wish and place it within. Coilesty will carry your wish to the Prophets of the Heavenly forces. The Unicorn lays your wish at the feet of the Unicorn God and he will bestow blessings upon you!

After bonding with the piece Coilesty will be visible to you; you also will hear sounds in your home of your magic unicorn moving about. Do not be afraid of the noises, you are being given great powers that reside in the spirit of the Unicorns.

This piece gathered the ability when it was enlightened by a visionary looking for peace; his prayers brought Coilesty to the piece and now whoever owns and bonds with this pretty necklace will have their wishes granted.

The visionary took the power of Coilesty for granted and showcased greed, thus being why he will only now work with women -- he feels that they will appreciate and respect him and make wishes that he can bestow to bring true enrichment into their lives.

This is a great piece and will not last long --- ladies get this now!

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