What comes to mind when I mention John Fitzgerald Kennedy?  Perhaps, you think that it is one of the most tragic examples of assassination in American history?  Maybe you think of corruption and scandal and cover-ups?  Maybe you think of a promising young president?  Well, there are two words that come to mind when I think of JFK-- Not.  Dead.<br /><br /> 

Now, hear me out.  The assassination of JFK was nothing more than a large-scale cover-up by the government.  There was no significance to any grassy knoll, and Lee Harvey Oswald was a government jack-ass.  It was a huge conspiracy and cover-up.  Then\, the only question that remains is, "Why?" <br /><br />

In 1969 Neil Armstrong becamse the first man to walk on the moon.  Yes... walk on the moon-- but the first man to visit space ever?  No, I think not.  John F Kennedy was not killed, he retired to a secret operation that involved hyper-space travel and control of the time-space continuum.<br /><br /> 

In fact, President Kennedy lives on to this day, after having used secrets that he found in other realms in space to obtain immortality.  Theoretically, had he "lived" he would probably be dead for real by now.  Nope.  He is very alive and still kicking.  His body has become a vessel for intergalactic travel and exploration. <br /><br />

This piece has been made under a top-secret operation that has been commissioned by a joint committee of officials from NASA and COSPAR.  It is officially dubbed the Kennedy Project II.  It is the darkest, most secretive space exploration program to have existed in American history.  It is housed in the Area 51 Complex and many incidences that have happened aftewards have been a direct results of the the project's actions.   For example the have been as influential as early as the Jimmy Carter UFO Incident and as recent as Sao Paola UFO Sighting.<br /><br /> 

With this piece, you too, will be physical and spiritually transformed into a hyperspace travel vessel.  It will give you power and control of the space-time continuum.  This will allow you to explore the darkest corners of the universe in astral form.  It will give you intergalactic knowledge and wisdom to go hand in hand with your new ability.  You will also gain the ability to control the time curve, being able to travel back and forth into and out of time without restriction.<br /><br /> 

This piece is a domestic power, which has been fully fabricated and designed by American parascientists!  It's not everyday that a power this influential is offered.  First come, first served, I am offering this piece to our lucky customers!!  <br /><br />

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