The Nimbus is the Halo of Light that is depicted around images and forms of divine and saintly personages. A good example of this would be the halo that often accompanies Jesus or the Virgin Mary in many of artists' portrayals of the two. The Halos, are said to be the door between our own realm and the Heavenly realm, where God and the Angels dwell. Thus, it would make sense that these holy personifications would possess such a Nimbus, to be constantly in tune with and constantly guided by the Hand of God. These pieces are empowered with divine white light that allows you to recreate the Nimubs, or a Halo of Angelic Light. All you have to do is lay this piece on a solid white surface such as a white sheet of paper or countertop if you have one. Concentrate into the space enclosed by the necklace. It will begin to form a white light Halo. You will be able to use this Halo to summon lightworker angels that will give you the powers that you have summoned. This item will allow your mind to leave your body to travel off into the realm of angels who will float before you in the element of their realm. From here, you sift through the powers that you need by invoking the angel that you choose to invoke. YOu merely have to call out the following: "Angel, (insert name), Angel of (insert powers here), I inovke thee." For instance, if I wanted to summon Archangel Raphael, I would say: Archangel Raphael, Angel of Healing, I invoke thee. You call this out seven times and the angel you want will appear. You will then be able to pull the angel through the Halo to the human realm to request whatever power it is that you want. I used this piece so summon the Archangel Michael, who rid me of all my fear. I have since been able to break the chains of anxiety that had previously ruled my life-- down to the very foods I ate!! These pieces also allows you to create you own angels. This power will come more natrually once the Halo is create. With this power you won't have to do an summoning, but the power won't be as strong. This is an all white light piece and only has the ability to be used accordingly, so you won't be able to summon fallen angels or dark angels. I am picturing two of these items. We have more, so if you are interested all you have to do is ask!! THESE ITEMS ARE MADE OF EITHER GLASS OR CRYSTAL, I'M NOT SURE, BUT THEY ARE NOT PLASTIC!! Enjoy!!
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