In Jewish lore, a golem is a creature that was once inanimate. He is created entirely from inanimate matter, given life by his master via an enchanted scroll that is placed in the center of the Golem's form. This scroll holds various divinations and enchantments that give the Golem his life. After his duties are complete, the Golem will return to his master, giving him back the scroll and will, at once, cease to exist. The scroll can then be disposed of or filed away for exclusive access later. The controller of the Golem uses a globe, mirror, or bowl of water to control the Golem while on a mission, to make the Golem do what he or she wants the Golem to do. We have taken this concept, applied it to the spirit realm and then placed the resulting energies in this item. This item allows you to take energies and charges that would otherwise be useless and bond them together to craft a spiritual form-- your spirit Golem. You can use your spirit Golem for any purpose you choose-- to possess someone else's body, to ascend into the heavens, to travel into other realms and through portals, to travel back into time... whatever you want to do. While your Golem is "alive" you can use a looking glass, a mirror, a bowl of water, a piece of glass... anything with a reflection or spiritual property to control it. This piece will allow you to see through your spirit Golem's eyes. You can use your spirit Golem to obtain powers and divinations that you can keep forever, but once you call the spirit Golem back to you, it will cease to exist and you will have to create a new one from scratch. Jason and I used this item to possess the body of a high profile politician to see what his plans really were. We were then able to alert our friends and families of a major even that will soon be occurring. We have also used this piece to make a golem to possess the body of a high-ranking pentagon official, a scientist from Area 51, and the Queen of England herself as she attended one of her Satanic rituals! We have used this piece to travel on the astral realms and have even brought back pieces that we have sold on the website using a golem we created! This piece is very versatile and extremely powerful!!
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