Many people believe that there are more then one person for everyone and it is not true. At the council of Trent one of the books discussed was all about mating and love. This is one of the books removed,I forget what it was called.

This book spoke of how creation had mandated ( not the actual word used) that each person have a perfect mate,one of a kind and made just for them. There was an angelic process in how this was done and this is what we are offering you.

You may have questions like "what if they live in another country" There is no way that your soul mate is made to where you will not be able to have access to them. You will get your soul mate faster and easier then every before. This piece puts the process in motion so that your not waiting for ever. A word of caution is that you may THINK you know who your soul mate is but whenever I place one of these on I always get the same response,"Hey I never imagined it was him or her!" In the end everyone is always 100 percent happy.

This is real Rubies in gold over sterling silver and it is a necklace.
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