5-4-09 This is one cool supernatural bracelet but you make it that way. This item could save you thousands of dollars. Even if you were to go to other paranormal websites to look for mystical creatives or occult magic in general you would pay a lot to get what your getting here.

I have one of these and I will take a picture of it and show it to you sometime this week or next. The one I have is packed with paranormal magic, creatures, vampires, spirits, you name it and I have it.

What you do with this is easy. You buy the charms you want, any kind at all and they become real. You can add on a mermaid, Saint, cash sign, crystal ball, whatever you wish. These charms can be had very easy on EBAY.  I have a lot of antique ones on mine. I have a witches familiar a were wolf, vampire, all kinds of stuff. The magic is not in the charms but in the bracelet. This one is big enough to fit men too and there are plenty of rings to add all you want. One lady i sold one to only added money charms. She was very greedy.

If you get this I would add something for health, love, wealth and all the basics first. This is a great one to have. I will try to get more but right now I only have mine and this one.

This is in all sterling silver and also has a safety latch as well.
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