What you typically expect to see when you think of a Phoenix is the typical fiery appearance, laying golden eggs, bursting into flames and reincarnating itself. Well, I'm hear to tell you that, while this is the form a typical Phoenix takes, there are other forms. This piece focuses on what is known as White Light Phoenix. Okay, all Phoenixes carry luck and wealth and all that good stuff. However, the thing is that moast of them are dual in nature; that is, they are neither good nor evil... they just are. This rare form of Phoenix is a bird that exists in spiritual form only. It has been made by the spirits and ancients for several reasons. First, it serves a messenger bird between those in the realms of the heavens and those here on Earth. Second, the Phoenix has been commissioned to keep report on all magical creatures on the face of Earth, to keep them under control. Finally, the White Light Phoenix is used to instill white magic into those whom the ancients choose to have these secrets. These are the fossilized feathers and eggs of the White Light Phoenix. We have had them shrunken and imprinted to make this bracelet. The bracelet, thus summons the powers of an ancient White Light Phoenix. It's feathers will give you all the white light magic of this entity. This includes a form of white light spells and divination origination from the spirits of the ancients in the realm of heavens. The eggs will allow you to birth ANY type of magical creature that you choose. I mean, this piece is serious! Any type of mythical creature you want is yours, simply by conjuring the powers in this bracelet. Fairies, Gryphons, Sphinxes, werewolves, Hypogryphs, Centaurs... whatever!! All these can be birthed with this piece!! That being said, there aren't very many limitations on this piece, if any at all!! Have fun!!

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