A couple was picniking with their child near the Egypt Road Bridge in Salem. The couple got into a heated argument, during which their young child crawled away and up onto the bridge. The couple was so busy arguing that they didn't even notice that their child had crawled off.<br /><br />

The child fell off the bridge into the icy water below, but the angry couple was too involved in their disagreement that they didn't hear the cries for help coming from their baby. When the couple finally noticed that their daughter was missing they panicked!<br /><br />

The little girl drowned in the river; the mother was so distraught by what happened that she became obsessed with her desire to find forgiveness.<br /><br />

She prayed all the time and became very active in the church. This piece belonged to Ruth, the mother, and she wore it almost everyday. At one time there was a picture of her daughter inside the locket, but this had been removed before we listed the item.<br /><br />

This piece holds Emily's, the little girl who died, spirit. She inhabited this piece to help soothe her lonely mother. She continues to watch over whoever adorns this piece. She wants to make sure that whoever has this piece will be safe from danger. It also magnifies your voice within the spirit world. If you call upon the piece for guidance, or help, you will be surrounded by support from spirits who want to see you succeed and be safe!<br /><br />


* Within the locket is a place for a photo-- and then the other side houses an encrypted medal that showcases ' O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee' This is from 1830 -- so the locket is an antique --- and in pristine condition!<br /><br />

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