This is a prophetic piece that does astral time and tome travel. This was taken to France in the town square of Hendaye where a man robed in all white with a beating lavendar heart stood and took a woman on an astral path of magic. There she saw the coming of the seasons and the birth and fall of Atlantis. Inside the monument of Hendaye is the secret code of time,time for all things.

The man is a tome of all things past,present and future. He is of white light and is a guide. He can travel in time forwards and back. He will not give up his name but says we are living in the fatal season.

He speaks of the Lavendar heart and the great divinity that he can give you to open up your mind,leave your body and travel.

I have to add a little more to this one. Yesterday as I was typing stuff up the man appeared to me and I had to stop. This is why I did not get the items on yesterday. I get excited and start going through files and get lost in them sometimes and this was one of them. So if some of you waited I'm sorry but I got caught up with this being and learned a lot. One of the things was a few things that VM told me. I wanted to know if they were true. I have been astonished in what I learned. It can make a person think. Everything you think you know may not be true and that magic even good magic is often hidden from many by those that preach light. Shocking was my experience but anyway now the listings are on. This is in sterling silver with real crystals and a cross that hangs from it in plain metal I believe.
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