This piece is a crystal that comes from Hangar 18. When the three alien bodies were moved from Roswell, this is where they went to. This Hangar 18 is in Dayton, Ohio. Senator Goldwater asked to see the alien bodies and was at first told no. He was never allowed to mention it again. Later on, he did get in and saw the bodies and one of the aliens sat up and produced a huge crystal from the middle of its forehead as if it had just grown there. It was thrown at him and he took it. We now have this.

This crystal is a device and not so much a stone. This is for clear alien communication with that species. It now sits in a sterling ring and the stone is real. I used it to contact Souvians as well as Reptilians and I now know what the reptilians really are. They are not what you think they are and in fact, I won't tell anyone but the buyer. There is so much going on that we are not told. Think about what a reptile is and how sometimes it it is used to symbolize other things and you will be on the right track.

Many alien life forces come from their home to ours and WITH THIS YOU CAN COMMUNICATE, GAIN STRENGTH, GET MIND ABILITY AND JUST KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE GALAXY. THE CRYSTAL FORCES YOU TO OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE. You have no choice. From what I have learned, you want to have this item because there is a time and it is coming very, very soon.

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