There isn't a person reading this description right now that can say that this isn't a piece that, at some point in their existence, they haven't had a need for. This is the perfect piece. Grumpy husband? Old miserable professor? Children going through a "phase"? Or maybe you know somebody who is just downright miserable for no reason at all. We've all been here in way shape or form. It's tiresome. It's depressing and aggravating. It makes you want to go to the top of a very large mountain and scream obscenities at the world!! It's okay, though. Have no fears. This piece is designed to cure the "black heart." The black heart is a condition when the energies that surround somebody become corrupt. It affects their aura and eventually will affect their soul... or their "heart." When this happens its all over... until they receive some sort of divine intervention. That's what this piece is. This black, sterling silver heart spiritually invokes white light powers from nature and from the cosmic atmosphere. When you wear this piece you will be if full directive control of these powers and use them to perform spiritual rejuvenations and rebirths. You will gain full power to cleanse auras and return them to metaphysical homeostasis. These power sill cure the "black heart" livening even the stiffest stiffies up. They will take over and begin work their magic with in a day or two and you will then have the loving individual that you want instead of that sourpuss who makes faces on the couch!! Amen to that!
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