Growing up did you have a favorite doll, or stuffed animal, that you always talked to? I think we all did! The energies that float within a home bring life to these prized possessions. We have a doll that belonged to a girl who lost her parents and some siblings during a massacre in 1893. The energy within this doll allures an exuberant amount of rage and resentment.

Daniel Kreider, brother of Congressman Aaron S Kreider, and his wife Barbara Risser-Kreider migrated first from Lebanon County, PA to Kansas and then to Cando, North Dakota.

Barbara Kreider rose early on the morning of July 7, 1893 to make breakfast for her family. Her husband Daniel and their eight children were still in bed on their farm near Cando, North Dakota. But the hired farmhand, Albert Bomberger, was also awake. Barbara heard the first gunshot that killed her husband in the downstairs bedroom. When Albert confronted her in the kitchen, she was able to let out a shout before he shot her.

The gunshots had awakened Annie, their fifteen year old daughter. Within a half hour Bomberger had also shot and killed four of her brothers and sisters. Apparently he had affection for her, so Annie was spared. For some reason he spared the three youngest children too.

After forcing Annie to make breakfast for him and taking her father's money, Bomberger tied her hand and foot in the barn and rode away on a pony. Annie's youngest brother Aaron managed to untie her and she rode into Cando to report the tragedy.

It was an event that shocked the whole nation. The first place Annie Kreider went after escape from the tragic circumstances at her farmhouse was the home of Samuel Brightbill in Cando. He was one of the nephews of Daniel Kreider who went along years earlier to settle in North Dakota. A posse was immediately formed, which sent first to the farm and then picked up the trail of Bomberger. They did not catch up with him until two days later in nearby Manitoba, Canada. He was brought back and jailed at Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Samuel Brightbill must have been very close to the family. The day after the murder he accompanied the four surviving children and the bodies on the train to Pennsylvania. Annie was at 15 the oldest child. The other three were the youngest; Aaron, 5; Eva, two days shy of 4; and Henry, 2. The train left on Saturday and arrived at Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania on the following Tuesday. The next day the funeral was held at Risser's Mennonite Church, about three miles east of Elizabethtown. This was the church founded by Barbara Risser's ancestor, Peter Riser. The funeral drew 15,000 mourners, the largest ever in Lancaster County. The six bodies were laid side by side in one large grave in the church cemetery.

Albert Bomberger was arrested with no resistance in Canada and brought back to jail in Grand Forks, North Dakota. For this he was fortunate, since the general populace was eager to string him up immediately. It was only the wily efforts of the local sheriffs that brought him back alive. He was arraigned on November 21, 1893 and sentenced on the 23rd to be hung. On January 19, 1894 the sentence was carried out on the Kreider homestead, with Bomberger facing the scene of his crime. At 1:40 PM the trap was sprung; he was executed.

Annie confided in her doll, she needed to relinquish the anger that she felt toward Albert. She had to break down and completely open the wounds to someone; her precious childhood "friend". The doll holds the power to grant revenge on its owner's enemies! The sweet innocence of this historic doll will fool others who see her, but you will know the power that she holds within.

The doll holds resentment from back at the time of the massacre and continues to build up anger from any bad situation in which she has encountered. She is both a protection piece and a sought after revenge leader. If someone tries to harm you in your house, you will be protected because Annie's doll will send out energy to hurt your attacker.

You also can talk to the doll and tell her a bad situation in which you were a part of and inhibit her to seek your revenge. Although she will help you seek revenge, she will not kill for you! Revenge is bliss and you really wouldn't want the person to die anyway, you want to see them suffer!

This piece will not last --- cute and dangerous --- Completely Charming!



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